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Whether it be regarding a sale, a purchase, financing or loan security - the sustainable valuation of residential, commercial, specialised or management property is one of the most complex task fields of the real estate industry. A truly objective value for a property object is very hard to ascertain. Experience, as well as market orientation and mindset of the respective evaluator all contribute to the resulting valuation.

Yet the basis for a specific decision presupposes a certain flair as regards property as well as one's personal valuation. In order to set the price of a potential object of sale, there are a range of valuation methods, in part scientifically-based, which, depending on the purpose of such an evaluation, can be applied. In close collaboration with competent property experts we offer you the following spectrum of services in order to solve your valuation problems.

Market Value Expert Opinion

Market value is thereby defined as a valuation provided by a specialist who, withstanding personal or unusual circumstances is to carry out usual market transactions. We issue expert opinions for:

  • Judicial and extra-judicial disputes as a basis for property valuation
  • The raising of a mortgage loans for the purpose of debt financing (hypothecary value)
  • Property or porfolio ratings (Basel II)
  • The basis of negotiations for real estate transations
  • The decisive basis for the sale of a real estate object

Due Diligence Analysis

Investment objects and real estate portfolios include due diligence analysis as an increasingly current practice of property valuation, these involve in particular a systematic strength/weakness analysis of the given object of sale, an analysis of the risks implied in the purchase of such an object, as well as a well-founded appraisal of said object.

Portfolio Valuation

Our cost-effective valuations of larger real estate portfolios follow standard international guidelines among others, The Appraisal and Valuation Standards (Red Book) of the RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) is the tried and tested method for the most affordable valuation of large real estate portfolioss. Our evaluation specialists rise to the challenge as far as your valuation is concerned. Via our wide-reaching network of our affiliated, certified specialists, we can satisfy the most exactings requirements.

Property evaluations guarantee price security and the possibility of financing

ASTOR Property Valuation

In close collaboration with competent property experts we offer you a wide range of services in order to solve your valuation problems.

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