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No success - no commission

Estate agents do not get paid for the time invested on a project, nor do they earn a basic fee for the services they provide. In fact, the estate agent's commission originates from the successful closing of a purchasing contract, which is mediated by ASTOR Immobilien. This means that the estate agent undergoes a comparatively high risk.

Even if no contract is signed, the estate agent will have merely generated collateral costs.

Nationwide, commission fees in the private sector are currently at a rate of 6 % plus 19 % value-added tax. He who pays the commission fee generally depends on the federal state in which the property is bought. In some Länder the fee is paid partly by the seller and partly by the purchaser, depending on the commercial custom of the Land. Having taken this into account, regional regulations can be merely regarded as guidelines. Throughout Germany the trend is moving towards a commission solely covered by the buyer.

Commission determined by property price

In the commercial sector, especially if the property is very valuable, the commission is negotiable. Because our payment is dependant on the successful closure of a buying contract, we regard it as a challenge as well as an encouragement. We want to deserve our commission in the truest sense of the word!

We want to make you profit from our commission!ASTOR Comission

Due to our mediation service we often contribute to the success of high-quality transactions. Thereby our commission is only a fractural proportion, which we deserve in the truest sense of the word due to our service and negotiation skills.

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