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Some proprietors / property vendors are convinced that they will achieve a higher selling price if they put more than one property agent in charge. As reality shows, the outcome is often the opposite: If a property is offered by many agents at the same time, as if it needed more than one to sell it, the prospective buyers will try to purchase it for the cheapest price possible. Moreover, many of them will speculate that there must be a "catch" to the object and become hesitant.

Every vendor wants to achieve the highest possible selling price. Especially if the selling of an object is subject to a public or broadly published invitation to tender, there will be a battle over the highest bid. Often this kind of bidding procedures are entered without the reassurance of the actual financial backer - most often a bank. In some cases, this can result in the re-transaction of the contract or the cancellation of the highest bid. The second approach of a sales completion tends to be a lot more difficult.

ASTOR Immobilien´s proposal procedures are characterized by the direct client contact and the thorough selection of prospective buyers. We select among the most important investors actively involved in the market, because in general, most of them are already well known to us. It has become a common practice to send mass e-mails or letters, but unlike many others, we do not. Prior to every sell, the potential buyer's current creditworthiness is checked and all questions concerning the financing are cleared.

Communal and/ or cooperative properties are increasingly sold in accordance to a social charter. This means that an additional selection, which has to be conducted by a professional mediator like ASTOR Immobilien, becomes necessary.

We from ASTOR Immobilien count every important purchaser to our clients.

Trust us - as we trust in you - and commission us as the sole agent without reservation - for the sake and security of a quick and financially successful sale completion.

Give us your trust!

ASTOR Sole Agent

If several estate agents offer the same property, this can result in high risks. Due to multiple offers a property is easily stigmatized. Trust us and commission us as the sole agent without reservation- for the sake and security of a quick and financially successful sale completion.

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