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Object classes, we are responsible for: 

Housing properties
One of ASTOR Immobilien 's most successful areas of business is the brokerage of housing property packages in the whole of Germany. As we are specialised in this area, we have gained an excellent reputation over the years.

Mixed-use properties
Mixed-use properties as well as housing estates - including stab construction method built properties - with altogether more than 20,000 housing units, have found new owners through our mediation. We focus our transactions on pre-war built buildings, as well as newly built apartment blocks. We mediate property requiring modernisation mainly to builders, whereas renovated/modernised buildings are offered to investors who add it to their stock.

Stab construction method built property
ASTOR Immobilien realised early on what importance stab construction method built property had for the development of the east German property market. Straight after German reunification, stab construction method built properties were regarded suspiciously, but today, they are the focus of national and international demand.

Office and retail property
Changes in the tertiary sector and the growing dominance of computer applications have changed the function of office space for commercial and retail space in German city centres. ASTOR Immobilien has increasingly turned to the investment market for office and retail real estate. Especially with the brokerage of objects making themselves available as a result of of non-performing bank loans, we have successfully diversified into a new sub-sector of industry. Innovative concepts regarding the future use of office and retail space undergoing temporary problems are the focus of ever-growing demand on behalf of national and international investors.

Retail property
The brokerage of retail property is a complex task. Demographic changes and volatile consumer behaviour have lead to new and constantly mutating demand for new retail units and shopping centres. The strong competition among commercial groups increases the continuous fluctuations in markets, changing our surroundings, values and potential. Nevertheless, due to the reliability of the tenants and long-term leases, which guarantee long-term yields on investment, retail property is still the focus of constant demand.

Senior residences
Investment in old people's home has starkly increased over the last few years, due to demographic and socio-cultural changes specific to Germany. This development has been sustained by growth in incomes and asset portfolios. The focus is now on property purpose-built for assisted living, old people's residences and nursing homes. These institutions all generate extra income via health care insurance.

Logistics property
The international demand for property used for logistics purposes noticeably on the rise. Many firms have specialised in industrial estates and logistic units in Germany. Those clients profit from our far-reaching network of contacts and the expertise which we have acquired in this dynamic area of business in over 20 years of activity.

Trust in our experience!

ASTOR Types of Properties

One of the most successful business areas of ASTOR Immobilien includes the selling of residential and commercial properties all over Germany. In this area our company has developed an excellent reputation.

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